A Heartwarming Visit on the Feast of Bl. Mary Assunta Pallota

On this special day of the Feast of Bl. Mary Assunta Pallota, our hearts were filled with joy as we welcomed the Elderly Sisters of the Porano community to Via Giusti. It was a reunion that brought immense happiness to us all, and for them, it marked a tradition that spans many, many years.

Despite the challenges of health conditions, these incredible sisters made the journey, a testament to their enduring spirit and dedication. In the past, they would spend a few days in Via Giusti before embarking on missions abroad. This time, the visit held a unique significance, creating a bridge between cherished memories and the present moment.

The excitement and happiness shared during this visit were palpable, reminding us of the bonds that transcend time and circumstances. Their presence added a special warmth to the Feast of Bl. Mary Assunta Pallota, turning it into a celebration of love, resilience, and shared history.

Let’s cherish these moments and hold onto the joy that such reunions bring.