I have always thought, Lord…
You formed me as I am…
You created me…you took me
from where I had nothing.
I did not exist and you created me with love,
at your exact time.
It was my special time for You.

You begot me, you took me
into your hands and I perceived you…
You listened and opened my heart to yours.
The two of us became one.
You looked upon me…small creature and
You took pleasure in me.

Mystery of Love!
You loved me because I was your creature,
and you recreated me with your Covenant.
I listened to your voice and trembled:
“I will be your God
and you will be my own.”
You bestowed and established on me
An alliance of eternal love.
A spousal desire welled up from what was
most hidden in my faith.“You seduced me,
my God, and I allowed myself to be seduced.”

The cost of the Covenant was completed in
sacrifice. “This is the blood of the New
Covenant”: Jesus Christ, my Lord.
Blood, rupture, separation.
You raised me up and gazed upon me, and
when you looked at me you imprinted your
eyes within me…
You showed me the works of your hand,
“your creatures”, your human creation,
beauty and splendor…

You captivated me and I let myself be
captivated by everything that came forth
from your hands…I let myself be seduced by
everything beautiful that you created:
valleys, mountains, mountain ranges, rivers
and seas; men, women, youth and children…
“When I contemplate the sky, work of your
hands, the moon and the stars you have

 You enamored me and I saw how good love
is, and I enjoyed the works of your hands…
The fire of so much love dazzled me and I lost
direction, but you rescued me and brought
me back to You.
You took me by the hand, you led me to the
land of your inheritance and said to me:
“You are mine; I have sealed an eternal
Covenant of Love with you.”
I am your God and I have no more. I chose
you, do not be afraid, I did not reject you.
I took you by the hand and said to you:
“I have sealed a Covenant forever with you.
You are worth much in my eyes, I desire you
with great love.”

I will espouse you to myself forever and our
marriage will be formal, founded upon Love
and Tenderness; you will be a faithful spouse
to me. Thus, you will know who Yahweh is.

My God, my God, my God!
Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
How can your creatures go far from You,
since You are their God and their All?

Grant that my mind and my heart be not
separated from You…
And if I cannot give witness to you with my
words or other qualities I do not have,
I will bear witness to you by my silence, with
my peace, my tenderness, my patience…
You transform my life and you want my being
to be a reflection of your presence, here and
now…in good things and bad, in the concrete
situations of community life and in the
mission where I am sent.

Because I am your creature, made with love
in your image and likeness, at your exact
time, and you instilled your Spirit within me
by the fire with which you inflame me.
“Thank you because you thought of me,
Thank you for creating me.”

Marisa Moreno Garrido fmm (ESPAÑA)