Meeting of Regional Superiors

Saturday, 17th February 2024 marks the beginning of the meeting of the Regional Superiors in Rome. The day begins with the opening mass celebrated by Fr. Carlos Salto OFM. The introduction to this beautiful celebration recalls the date of the beginning of the Regions and our journey on the path of transformation as an Institute.

On the 1st of November 2023, we began a new phase in our journey of transformation. The new regions are the expressions of the concrete implications of the transformation. The new regions are the expressions of the concrete implications of the transformation process. We have been moving beyond the threshold, each region in its own pace, to cross towards something we are building together. During the past few months of our journey as regions, the flow of life in the Institute has been expressed in creative ways by going beyond the borders of the ex-provinces in every sense of the word. The season of lent invites us to move forward and deeper in this process so that we become signs of God’s love in today’s word.

The regional superiors of 16 regions carry ribbons of different colours, offering the uniqueness of their experiences of endings and beginnings at this time of transition. Sr Eufemia and the General Councillors carry lighted lamps, offering all that they have experienced as companions and guides of this journey together as Institute.

Let us unite our hearts and minds as we participate in this Eucharistic celebration which sustains our communion as one body.

Sr. Eufemia Glenny, our Superior General begins her Opening Address by expressing her gratitude to God. She then welcomes all the participants and thanks the Regional Superiors for their availability to take up the service of Leadership. In an encouraging note she continues: “The Regions are allowing us to open our eyes to see better the Institute as a whole, as ONE Body. With your presence and participation here, we will have the opportunity to listen to each other, to know each other better and, in doing so, to strengthen the Body.”

 “With Mary of the Passion, we know that the Institute is God’s work, we only have to look at it to realize how true this is, and how needed its mission is in today’s world. With the same trust in God let us start this time together, profoundly united with our world in need of peace and with our Sisters back in the regions who accompany us with their prayers.

 And so, always open to the action of the Spirit of Jesus, who reminds us of the eternal call: “Return to me with all your heart”  (Joel 2,12),  let us journey these days hand in hand with Mary of Nazareth, Our Lady.”