[block_title style=”column_title” inner_style=”bottom_border” title=”1 April, Day 21″][/block_title]

Neither the rain nor the dropping temperature could dampen our spirits as we are drawing to the close. Our enthusiasm and eagerness to take back home the experience of the Chapter was great as we worked in groups. We put together our collective creativity to give shape and flesh to our reflections and decisions. The final product was something new, ushering in a breath of fresh air. This enthused the whole assembly as we were confident that each member of the Body can own the process and be one with it.

We closed the day with adoration placing our aspirations in the form of a dove (Holy Spirit) on the map of our context, believing in the Pentecost that is taking place. We are grateful for the voting process to affirm and own our decisions that went on smoothly. We carry with us memories and experiences of the chapter, cherishing our faith journey through faith sharing and friendships developed and deepened across continents and cultures. Our discussions from the hall often spilled over and continued during the walks in the open-air during breaks. We continue our journey.