[block_title style=”column_title” inner_style=”bottom_border” title=”Inn of the Cenacle – 29 March 2022 (Day 18)”][/block_title]

As we continue our Chapter journey in the Inn of the Cenacle, we feel the Spirit of God working in us, clarifying the post- Chapter journey, to incarnate and live our Vision concretely in today’s world.

Seeking to address the major questions that emerged on the previous day, we worked in thematic groups to discover together for the consideration of the Chapter: points and paths of convergence; and to propose different ways of doing things, considering their implications and consequences.

From all that we shared, listened to and experienced – from the Inn of the Incarnation to the Inn of the Cenacle – and discerning where the Collective Intention is leading us, we produced recommendations on the themes assigned to each group. In the afternoon, each thematic group was invited to prepare, with creativity and dynamism, a graphic and symbolic display to offer the fruits of its reflection and sharing in a kind of open market.

When we revisited the lived experience, we had a strong feeling that the Institute is really on the right track of Transformation and that new horizons are unfolding before us…