“The memory of the faithful people, like that of Mary, must remain overflowing with the wonders of God.” (Pope Francis, Evangelii Gaudium)

To remember is not just to recall the past but to make it present. Memory is also inseparable from the future. Memory is linked to hope; it opens us up to what is to come.

In this visit to Grottaferrata, we remember the lives of the sisters who have lived in this community over the years, from its foundation to the present day, of all the events that have taken place here and that have marked the life of the Institute. Of all the good that has been done through the various missions and commitments. Above all, we remember God’s presence and His fidelity that has accompanied us along the way. For all this, we want to give Him thanks.

The day ends with a rite of “Letting Go,” symbolizing our collective readiness for transformation. United as one body, we relinquish our anxieties and uncertainties, entrusting the unfolding of the future into the hands of God, grounded in the firm belief that God will continue to guide and sustain us on our journey forward.