Transformation towards the region


I am sister Maria Yaw Myu Mang from Myanmar province. I would like to share a small event of our daily living according to the charism in the intercultural community. Being FMM, happy living interculturality in the community is one of the beautiful gifts from God.  As a body we are in the path of transformation journey to be region: to understand and study of the other culture is one of the essential facts of the institute. To understand and appreciate our own culture will help us to embrace others as well and it is one of basic needs to be a good universal missionary.

Article 35 “Sent in our turn, and dedicated to universal mission in accordance with our priorities………, like Mary in a complete and drawing our apostolic dynamism from the Eucharist”. The vision of post EGC new guiding principle 3.1 “we prepare young sisters for universal mission from the beginning of initial formation” is inviting and challenging us to live our life more fruitful, meaningful and to be responsible. We have to prepare the young ones for the future.

Our Country has multicultural and different dialects. We have to learn the langue to be a good missionary because each state has its own one. We have great opportunity to learn from each other in boarding houses and in formation. We have many vocations from our boarding houses. We three groups celebrated the birthday of Mother Mary meaningfully and beautifully. We all were so excited because it is cultural celebration and get together of three groups (Final preparation group, Novitiate community and boarding girls). It was so meaningful; we learnt and profited a lot. It was a challenge for all because many of us don’t know very well our dialects as we used to speak Myanmar language as common. It was small event yet, one week ahead preparation of singing practices, learning traditions and sharing among us. In the hour of adoration we used in our own dialects ( Myanmar, Kachin, Shan, Four kinds of Chin and Kayah). It was once again to learn the value and meaning of our dialects and cultures, to be ready to embrace others, ready for universal mission, good foundation and beginning to appreciate the culture and eye opening for young sisters, novices and boarding girls. We were able to appreciate each culture and able to change and refresh our mental model. It was one of the events of our community life plant to study and learn the culture to embrace others internationally.

Sr Maria Yaw Myu Mang, fmm