[block_title style=”column_title” inner_style=”bottom_border” title=”17th Day – 28 March 2022″][/block_title]

The journey of the 17th day was hectic, yet a dynamic one. We worked at two levels. As Regions we explored how the 4 themes; Interculturality, Charism, Mission, Membership-Leadership can be lived in the regions over the next few years. To the plenary we brought our questions and uncertainties concerning government, finance, mission priorities, etc. seeking clarifications and searching for paths to chart a map for the functioning of the future region. We became aware that as we walk on an unfamiliar path, we often have more questions than solutions.

We ended the day with the hope that we will make some crossing over from uncertainty to some level of certainty and from ambiguity to more clarity. The anxiety of birthing the new region is real, yet, even more real is the assurance of God’s guidance.

We are all moving ahead, searching together how to give birth to new regions in 2023.