[block_title style=”column_title” inner_style=”bottom_border” title=”Cenacle Inn Day 2″][/block_title]

The 2nd day began with a prayer to pour new wine in new wineskins. What a coincidence that we have been drawing out the new wine from within us during the long preparatory journey beginning from 2014 and very concretely through the four inns since April 2021.

The journey continues as we glance backwards to draw from the past and gaze ahead to search for newer paths. In this way we are trying to connect with the path we have tread during the four Inns.  These vibrant group and the sharing in the assemblies help us to connect and resonate with each other at a deeper level.

The election of the navigation team(Steering Committee) this afternoon was done through a sacred and secret ballot. The navigating committee that will help navigate our journey in the cenacle inn are: Arlette Parriel, Francisco Nirmala Gnanapragasam, Ruby Elizabeth Tan Bee Lean, Eufemia Mercedes Glenny Araujo and Fidela Herminda Borquez Sandoval. The chapter members also suggested names for tellers of the chapter.

See you tomorrow with more news.