[block_title style=”column_title” inner_style=”bottom_border” title=”The Inn of the Cenacle – 5th Day”][/block_title]

We continue our walk, animated by the Word of God that illuminates our days and opens us to the action of the Spirit in each of us.

We pause for a long time to deepen in groups the conversation of the previous day, seeking to understand what are the calls and paths that, little by little, are emerging before us, in terms of our BODY, the Institute, and what concerns the role of leadership/membership in the process. of renewal in progress.  We are challenged to address and take up what could be otherwise and what prevents us from being different, to dare to seek new perspectives, so that our VISION can be incarnated for the Mission and for the World.

In plenary assembly, the Spirit leads us to deeper waters, arousing an open, courageous sharing, which asks good and relevant questions, and points out the challenges, the difficulties to face, the complexities to be managed, the dreams…  It is the BODY that continues its process of transformation, driven by the Spirit, seeking God’s will for the Institute.

Spirit of God, Spirit of wisdom, illuminate our gaze and open our hearts to listen to your voice !