“As missionaries, ready to go anywhere and to anyone to announce the Good News of salvation, we are sent in priority to those to whom Christ has not yet been revealed and to those among whom the Church is least present, giving preference to the poorest.” – CS 4

After having pronounced my first vows on August 15, 2020, at the Novitiate of St Raphael in Antsirabe – Province of Tananarivo, Madagascar – my Provincial, Sr Brigith RASOAMANAMPY sent me to the Community of Marie Reine in Berevo. Berevo is situated in the southwest of Madagascar, in the hot tropical region. It is a very quiet village, magnificent not only for the fertility of the land but also for the richness of all kinds of fish. Humanly and spiritually, it certainly still needs support. Many still cling to traditional beliefs and ways of governing their families and healing themselves, and so many still do not know God.

Health, Social, Pastoral and Education are the areas of our mission. For education, we are involved in four parish schools in the Berevo district, which includes a secondary school under the protection of Mary of the Passion in our neighbourhood, as well as three schools in different locations in the bush.

Education is one of the main priorities of our mission in Berevo. It is the key to development in all areas. So that the development of every man be successful as a whole, education should be well conducted. The total number of students is six hundred. My community superior is the Directress and I am the bursar. We carry out these duties while also teaching ‘Education for Life and Love’ to the secondary classes. Those who are in school reap the fruits: not only the intellectual knowledge that helps them to be open to new ways of acting, but above all to enter the Christian life. Moreover, premature pregnancies and abortion are reduced for young people who continue their studies. We follow up these three schools in the bush. When we travel, we go on foot or travel by canoe or small pirogue. Getting into the pirogue was the first adventure for me. At first I was afraid of the depth of the river! But God’s grace always goes before us, wherever we go or pass through.

In daily life, each of us lives the offering of our lives to God in love. I discovered the unfailing commitment of my sisters to the sick, the poor and the students. Supported and comforted by prayer, despite the difficulties of the mission, the sisters do not give up. For me, living the mission requires complete disponibility: inspired by the words of Mary of the Passion, “God is not asking me to succeed but to offer myself”, my love for the mission grows, my heart is full of gratitude to the God who has called me.