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Wow!!! Thank You!!! Happy!!! These sentiments echoed throughout as we applauded the successful fruition of our Cenacle Inn.

The day went on as anticipated with the final formalities of voting, signing the acts of the chapter, thanking, and the concluding message from Sr. Euphemia. The highlight of the day was the solemn closing Eucharist celebrated by Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Prefect of the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples. He preached about “going back home” to our context. It was a perfect culmination of a wholesome journey. We had entered the Cenacle Inn on 12th March with “Here I am.” We came, we lived, we experienced, and we now go back “each to her own house” (Jn 7:53).

We go back enriched with what we have seen and heard and experienced…. to share with our sisters, our people, our context. This mission sending was given to the members of the regions in a very solemn and tangible way by Sr. Eufemia. We felt the presence and the working of the Holy Spirit throughout. May she, “Ruah” continue to inspire us. May Mary of the Passion lead us. We entrust our onward journey to the guidance of Mary our Mother.