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We gathered in the cenacle invoking the Holy Spirit to strengthen our hearts as we prayed the prayer of a Leader.

Today we journeyed as regions to clarify the role of the future General Council in the emerging body. Though it is said that “the future does not exist,” yet, we recognized the seeds of the future already sprouting in all the parts of the body since 2018. We acknowledged the accompaniment given by the General Council for transformation and the forming of regions

The last session was creatively arranged which vividly depicted our movement from being individual provinces to forming regions and then moving together to join hands as one body keeping the Holy Spirit in the centre.

The body then paid rich tribute and expressed gratitude in as many languages as possible to Sr. Francoise and the General Council for shouldering the responsibility of the large FMM family through troubled political, economic, social and pandemic times.

We ended the day blessing each other.