“Path of Transformation towards the General Chapter”

“In the depths of our being the Spirit of the Son continuously cries Abba, Father God who acts unceasingly within us and transforms us, invites us to enter into communion with him and in him with our brothers and sisters.  In welcoming his presence, our life becomes prayer.” (Constitutions 8)



We are Not Alone!

As we walk together on this challenging path of transformation towards the general chapter, I cannot help but notice just how extensive and inclusive this path is. We not only walk together as an institute of FMM sisters, but we are surely intimately linked with our brothers and sisters in the Church and throughout the world and indeed to creation herself! (Our Mother/Sister Earth)

Pope Francis shows our relationship with all of creation in Laudato Si and extends this relationship to embrace all of humanity in  Fratelli Tutti. These relationships grow together. He says in Laudato Si: –

“The destruction of the human environment is extremely serious, not only because God has entrusted the world to us men and women, but because human life is itself a gift which must be defended from various forms of debasement.”

We hear this theme echoed in the world today with an increasing awareness of the state of our dear earth due the “various forms of abasement” carried out throughout the world. Especially due to industrialisation and lack of thought for families whose lives depend on the health of the natural world around us. As Pope Francis puts it, we need to focus on: – “… Universal fraternity and social friendship in response to present day attempts to eliminate or ignore others.” (Fratelli Tutti)


Let us travel this path in solidarity with the Church, with those who fall victim to the ‘progress’ of economic growth, and with those who acknowledge the woundedness of our broken world and try to commit to change.


We move forward through the intercession of Blessed Mary of the Passion that we may “listen to the Word of God and pay heed to the signs of the times” with the Holy Spirit to guide us.


Roisin Hickey, fmm