S. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, patrons of the Institute and, in particular, Saint Michael of the General Community, Saint Gabriel of missionaries as continuers of the mission of the Virgin Mary, Saint Raphael of novitiates and all novices.

A short history
Angels and archangels have always been honoured in the Church, and even before that throughout Judaism. The Old Testament is full of references to them.
Michael, Raphael and Gabriel had their own feast day on a particular day of the year. With the latest liturgical reform, their feasts were merged into one, on 29 September.

What this commemoration tells us
Mary of the Passion recommends that we have recourse to the intercession of these archangels in the trials of life, especially when we are tempted by evil, and that we ourselves become angels for those entrusted to our care.

How to pray on this day
On this feast day in particular, may our prayer rise up to the Lord through the hands of these archangels for the whole Institute. Let us pray to Saint Michael for the general community, that it may always be sustained by his powerful help in guiding the Institute. Let us entrust all the novices to Saint Raphael, that he may remove from them all discouragement and hesitation in their vocation. Let us implore Saint Gabriel to help us live as true missionaries of Mary Immaculate, and to bring with him the joyful proclamation of Jesus to all peoples.