ZOOM – a Spiritual Reading

Recently, I was added to the Group of Logistics of our Congregation to organize various virtual meetings and Assemblies on the Virtual Platform of ZOOM. Who among us during our Religious Formation had ever thought of a virtual task of this sort? Me, I have never ever imagined it! Therefore, I would like to make a Spiritual Reading out of this new responsibility: ZOOM !


ZOOM is a reality of the world today, be it religious or professional. Be it for the work or for the celebration of various occasions or even just to say Hi and ask how are you.  ZOOM or similar Online Networks have become the only solution during these days of COVID-19. During this Sanitary crisis, various Networks like Zoom appear to be saviours of the situation to organize different important meetings, to accomplish certain tasks and to continue to gain the daily livelihood by working Online. In short, the Online Virtual Platforms like Zoom are an important means by which work is assured, the world can move ahead and no one feels abandoned or alone.


In reality, in the olden days I knew the function of Zoom on Photo-Camera which zooms an object or a person in order to view close by the desired object/person with the possible details. Whereas the Zoom of today is a little different. If the older Zoom was meant to enlarge the image and observe every detail, today’s Virtual ZOOM recommends closing the Micro and some of us even put off Video too. The image is small and Micro is off. Thus, the aim of today’s Zoom differs as :

  1. Its not about knowing the other person just for curiosity, but its all about assuring the other of my Presence.
  2. Its not about talking, talking and still talking of one-self but its all about Listening to the other (Micro-Off).
  3. Its not about looking at one’s own self, but its all about Looking at and after others.


Therefore, the real goal of Zoom is communicating to others, «Look, Here I am, and I am listening to you ! » In other words, it’s telling ourselves, « Be quiet and Listen. Shema Israel! Speak just what is essential and stand by the other to assure them of your Presence, because you are precious. Yet, you are not the Boss! The Master is the Other. » That’s what really happens on Virtual Zoom Platform and by now all of us are used to the reality of Virtual Zoom. And so, I try to translate this into my new Service of Logistics, « ZOOM » into a Spiritual Reading.


Kiranmai Yeruva, fmm

North Africa province