My journey in the Institute has been a creative one

My journey in the Institute has been a creative one …… Why? As I look back over the years there has been growth, pruning, detachment, suffering, NEW LIFE, joy, love and faithfulness.

God’s plan for me had gradually unfolded before my eyes, and like guiding lights, continually showing me the way where I would find glimmers of hope, love and happiness shining every single day ….. YES, it’s a matter of letting go in order for God to lead ……

The Institute is continually asking us to question, search and to rediscover how we can be relevant in our “way of being”, in our ministries and in our changing world. How do we relate to the “Human FACE of CHRIST” ……

The process of TRANSFORMATION demands TRUST. Sr. Francoise and Council, with leadership of the Institute, have been on a journey of discovery through questioning, conversing and generative listening!! A relevant question:  What have we to let go of before something new can happen?? Will it work? What if??

During this time of discernment the Spirit and Mary of the Passion were guiding our sisters to make the right choices and changes for our needy world of today.

In December 2018 at our Assembly in Umzinto Sister Lindiwe, our provincial, was transmitting all that had taken place at the ECG in October 2018. She shared with us about a process of transformation which had begun in the Institute. What did this mean and the words that came to me ….. “Where are you leading me Lord, at this stage of my life, seventy two years??” We are never too old to move and learn …..

I heard her using words which got me thinking – mental models, Regions, collaboration, structure, etc. then Lindiwe explained that we are going to form a Region with Mozambique, Reunion Island, Mauritius, Madagascar, and later we heard Angola. I remembered that in the 60’s when I entered we were a province with all these countries …. I made my noviciate in Mozambique!! Wow! History is repeating itself!! I am called to RENEWAL.

Over the months our conversations have been around these words and my mental models have been challenged – “Think Institute”.

Formation at different levels has been carried out, all of us conversing and listening to one another in community, and joining different groups for ongoing formation.

Then the pandemic struck the world – Covid 19. In April 2020 Sr. Francoise’s letter came – John 3:8, “The wind blows wherever it pleases ….”

For me Sister’s letter was an inspiration, her reflection, and the Council, was Spirit-led …… her questions: “Where are we?” ….. “Where are we now?” ….. She said things will never be “Normal” again …. It was this that made me reflect more on my way of being and the Institute, to look to the future with an openness “TO CHANGE”, to think outside the box ….. and to use my time constructively during this crucial time. Community and personal prayer were very important to keep us together.

The province Assembly in August, which was well planned by Lindiwe and the Council, gave us an opportunity to converse and listen to each other, where we are on this journey …. of transformation.

For me taking my responsibility as member is very important in community. For me community is the heart of my F.M.M. vocation, strengthened by the Eucharist and community prayer and personal prayer.

For the community Inn of the Good Samaritan, Luke 10: 25-37, we were a small group. I was really struck by the sharings which were varied and deep. It was amazing for me that each one of us is following the same programme but our experiences are so life giving for each one and each other.

I ask the Lord to continue to help me to allow myself to be transformed!! whatever the demands, especially the gift of humility. The journey is not yet over, it’s just beginning, each stage of the journey calls for a little dying in order to give New Life to the other.

May God bless us as we continue the process of transformation into Regions.


Sr Marcelle Chatty fmm