Reunion Mauritius Seychelles

“The Spirit blows where He wills”
To be born and reborn: living the possible, believing in the impossible

O Holy Spirit, living breath,
You who renew all things
and bring into being what it is not,
breathe on the “Institute”,
your gift of Love
to the Universal Church.
Transform it in its whole being,
give it the grace to find in the charism
the sap that nourishes,
the light that fortifies,
the grace that unifies, Body and Spirit!

O Holy Spirit, Spirit of understanding and gratuitousness,
You who inspired Mary of the Passion
to let herself be transformed by the suffering of the passion
to make truth triumph,
cleanse us of our burdens,
receive the offering of our lives in sacrifice,
united to Jesus Christ in the adoration of the Eucharist.

O Holy Spirit! Spirit of Holiness
Spirit of Joy and Humility,
wrench from our hearts all that weighs down its steps
to Transformation.
Grant that we may contemplate the wounds of the Lord
with the rebirth of a reconciled being
where You can bring forth a “new birth”
for the joy and Glory of the Father. Amen!

Roseline Mussard, FMM
Reunion Islands