Father, in my life I see you are God who walks with me… Canada

My vocation story began in the little town of Madoc, in an international FMM fraternity where I was invited by the sisters to discern my vocation. The call to become a member of a religious community became stronger as I spent time with God, the community, and the people of the town (especially the physically and mentally challenged). Living with the sisters, I was touched by their Franciscan spirit of simplicity and joy and their presence among the less fortunate of the town. I felt a true sense of belonging and the desire to become an FMM began to stir in my heart. I felt that God was inviting me to walk closely with Him and to believe like Mary in the promises of the Lord.

This deep call in my heart to be with my one true love, Christ, and the poor continues to be realized in my life. Since the beginning of my FMM life God has taken me on different paths, first with children of different ages in various child care centres and in a primary school, a mission experience with the community in Texas, USA (a community on the border of Mexico), and now as provincial secretary. These experiences have helped me to grow and made me realize the importance of being a “humanizing presence” that reveals God’s love, tenderness, and forgiveness, in community with my sisters and in the mission. A way of life that challenges me to transform my ways of being and doing, so that life can blossom, and God’s reign can be realized.

The plan of God for my life continues to be an adventure of love, filled with risks and surprises and like Mary I walk in faith, placing my life in His hands. As I look at my life I am filled with wonder and gratitude as I see how God in love has shaped the unexpected events of my life, preparing me to slowly accept His will, encouraging me to make His will my own. I have realized that it is not what we do that is important, but our ways of sharing love and joy and our pure intentions that will help us to faithfully follow Christ and love Him with our whole heart and be His witnesses of love in the world. Our God is a faithful God and despite the turns in the road, He is always there to support, strengthen and guide me. Yes, as I look at the road travelled thus far, I see a journey filled with countless graces and I walk in trust knowing that He will continue to lead and transform me.

Karen Corera fmm